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About David and Christine Herron

A little background on the Herrons

David opened the door to real estate and found he had a natural knack for it. He loved the energy of real estate and advanced rather quickly. After realizing the stability & continual growth opportunities in real estate and after the two came to find their family would be growing, David “retired” Christine from her previous marketing position and convinced her to transfer her skills into their real estate ventures. Fast forward a few years & the two are now a family of four, with their daughter, Rachel, and son, David II. They now own their own brokerage Herron Real Estate, which continues to grow and serve throughout Jacksonville and northeast Florida.


Mr. Herron

Living in the Jacksonville area for over 30 years, David is very knowledgeable of the city and surrounding areas. He graduated with a double major in Marketing & Management from UNF. With his aggressive and eager business building skills, he advanced rather quickly in the real estate field and continues to educate himself. He’s well versed on local growth and our nationwide economy in order to provide the most up-to-date market analysis to his clients. David was voted “Best Real Estate Agent” by the Florida Times Union Bold City’s Best contest for 2018 & 2019.


Mrs. Herron

With a background in marketing and advertising, Christine hit the ground running when she branched into the real estate field. Growing up in Jacksonville, she has been vital in the growth of local businesses and national powerhouses with her marketing skills. She was voted into the top 10 of Jacksonville's Leading Women in Business. She specializes in creating personalized marketing materials that capitalize on the highlights of a home. She knows and believes going above and beyond with advertising allows your property to get the exposure it needs to sell quickly! (and even get into bidding wars 😉)